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Well if you've been following me on Instagram you may have noticed that I opted to craft instead of blog this past week.  What can I say, I only have so much creative energy, and more than one way to channel it.  I think I'm all crafted out for now and will try to work on a little more balance in the future. 

I was going to write another installment of Jack- and Jude-isms but with Jack's birthday this week I think I'll wait and devote an entire post to my firstborn.  And since Julia only says one word (Mama) and just screams for everything else ... and since Jude is the only one of our kids not having a birthday this month, well this post is for him.  Our awesome 2 year old and all those amazing things that come out of his month (and I'm not referring to the chewed up carrot that he couldn't swallow either).  I wish this wasn't just a written post.  I wish I had video recordings of my little guy chatting because his voice, oh his little toddler voice, just slays me.  Sometimes I have to turn my head and give the wall my biggest, broadest smile so I don't offend the little guy because that voice just tickles my heart!  We've actually had friends tell us that hearing Jude talk makes them want to have another baby.  I don't blame them, toddler voices and phrases are one of the best parts of motherhood!

So here we go:

Sorry about the photo quality this week, I was shooting in auto mode *tsk, tsk*
"Yooooouuuu stubbo, stubbo Jack!  You stubbo, stubbo!!"
I have no idea where this came from.  Jack started it one day.  I'm assuming it's a made up word because I can't recall hearing it before.  In recent months Jude has picked it up and started directing it towards his big brother.  It's his one defense against Jack.  He simply has to yell "Yoooooouuuuu stubbo, stubbo Jack!  You stubbo, stubbo!!" and his big, bad older brother will be reduced to tears and running to my arms.  I wish I knew what either of the boys thinks this means but that will forever remain a mystery.  A funny one at that.

"Poppa's red truck."
My dad has a red truck.  And Jude has a thing for it.  Actually he's really into cars all around.  He's always asking where "Daddy's new car go?"  And after Nonnie's visit we heard all about Nonnie's blue car.  But the red truck is a biggie.  Apparently he is not aware that red is a color, or a descriptive word.  One day he was playing with a yellow matchbox truck and called it "Poppa's red truck."  I said, "No, that's a yellow truck."  So he said, "Poppa's yellow red truck!!"


"G'morning swee-heart!"
The boys fight over who is the first to greet Julia in the mornings or after a nap.  You can imagine how my sensitive, dramatic daughter responds to the two sqawking, fighting boys who come tearing into her quiet space moments after waking up.

"E okay Yaya, e okay."
"It's okay Julia, it's okay."  He's a great comforter, particuarly to his little sister.  He is also often the cause of her discomfort.

A much more roundabout way of saying popsicle.

Ice cream.  Naturally.

This is no ... with an extra consonant.

"Kindness, goodness. Kindness, goodness."
We're working on learning the Fruit of the Spirit in our house.  So far two have stuck with Jude. He's been known to walk around the house randomly chanting to himself "kindness, goodness, kindness, goodness."

"Miss Ky-ee's bed."
Everyone else calls it the guest bed.  But Jude has a serious crush on Miss Kylee and ever since she visited this summer it is officially her bed and her room.  He's very particular about "no jumping on Miss Ky-ee's bed."  He's also been known to "draw a pee-cher (picture) for Miss Ky-ee." And will forever refer to the Thomas the Train puzzle she once helped him with as "Miss Ky-ee's choo choo."

"Dat choo choo train Thomas!"
"Choo choo train Thomas"
We do have some Thomas the Train toys, and Jude has a favorite pair of Thomas pajamas, but now everything that resembles a train is a "choo choo train Thomas."  Even if it isn't anything like the beloved cartoon.

"'Cool bus"
School bus. We like to watch for this every day.

Most people would pronounce this using three words.  Not Jude.  "Where are you?" is said in one breath, usually over and over again until said person is located.

"So mean ... so rude."
Jude likes his adverbs.  He uses the word "so" several times a day, generally to inform me that Jack is "so mean."  I don't know where he gets this excessive adjective modification from.  Maybe me??  This morning, between the hours of 7:11 and 7:13am, Jude asked Jon approximately 100 times: "Daddy, where rescue hel-copper go?"  I was nursing Julia and both of us were still trying to wake up but I think Daddy said something along the lines of "be quiet Jude" because then Jude walked into the nursery, with his bottom lip sticking out and fighting back tears, and told me "Daddy so rude Mommy, he so rude." Nothing like a good laugh within minutes of waking up.

Grammie T. and Jude

While I do try to teach my kids good manner I don't think I'm real stickler about it.  But Jude is by far the most polite person in the house.  Sometimes a little too polite.  He'll say, "Pease go 'way" to the ants crawling up his arm.  He'll ask his sister "Pease stop kicking me" (instead of just moving away from her swinging feet) and the other night he wet the bed and all I heard in the monitor was a little voice saying "Pease change my 'jamas Mommy, pease change my 'jamas."  He also does very well with following-up with a "Hank you."  It's irresistable.  Which is probably why I give my secondborn way too many snacks throughout the day.

What he says when he wants me to hold him.  It could be "Hold Jude" but I think he's just repeating what he hears me say when I pick him up - "Want me to hold you?"  "Hole-choo" is usually accompanied by uplifted arms and big sad puppy eyes.  It's just to much.

*sigh* 'Pease Jude, stay like this forever!

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