Friday, May 1, 2009

Here comes the sun

Jack is definitely a morning boy. He usually wakes up chatting and giggling to himself while playing with his toes. And when I go in to get him out of bed I love the way he wraps his arms around my neck and buries his nose for approximately 3 seconds. Do 6-month olds know how to hug??

But lately these morning lovins have been ocurring earlier and earlier. Jack used to rise between 7:30-8:00am, a few weeks ago he started getting up closer to 7, then 6:30 and recently he's been known to start chirping as early as 5:30am. I think it may have something to do with the sun. Jack's room faces southeast. During the winter the sun rises more towards the front of the house making Jack's room nice and dark for naps, but during the spring and summer his room gets brighter much earlier. I'm beginning to wonder if Jack is one of those "up with the sun" kind of creatures. Too bad for him, his mother is not. I don't mind getting up early, but not that early. So if he doesn't fall back to sleep after talking to himself for a few minutes, I usually go into his room, give him a cuddle, and tuck him back in. Generally he drifts back off for a few minutes, if not I'll bring him to bed with me, but that practice is becoming less and less effective. Jon put Jack in bed with us on Saturday morning and I spent the next 20 minutes trying to keep tiny hands out of my hair and tiny fingers from clawing out my eyes.

In spite of early mornings, we're really enjoying this sunny season! We're celebrating the warmer weather by taking lots of walks through the neighborhood, relaxing on the front decks, and hanging out on the beach.

Jack's first beach-bum experience wasn't quite what I imagined. I think he thought the sand in his toes was pretty cool, but when he started trying to eat the sand, and then rubbing his sandy hands in his eyes, I realized a baby at the beach may not be as fun as I once thought. When the flies started coming out Jon and I called it a day and headed back to the house. And that was Jack's day at the beach ... all 30 minutes of it. :)

Instead of trying to combat sand, flies, and sunburn, we decided to hang out at home on Sunday afternoon and try out Jack's new pool. We plopped him in the water with a few of his favorite tubby toys and surprisingly got a reaction - Jack started to scream. Five seconds later he realized it was kinda fun, and he spent the next hour chasing plastic fish and chewing on toy cups.

The warm weather has also brought on another phenomenom - shorts. Jack is so stinkin' cute in his shorts. But I have to say, his chunkiness is a lot more obvious in these skimpy outfits. Take advantage of it son! This is the one time of your life where being chubby is cute!

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MamaMauby said...

Ocean won't sleep if there is even the tiniest bit of light....

You could try putting up some black out curtains on Jack's windows. It may help him sleep in longer. ;)

Because who wants to get up before 7 AM? (not me)

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