Friday, May 22, 2009

An Off Week

So last week was just off. It was probably a combination of coming off a week at the grandparents, followed by a weekend with houseguests, in addition to a change in our schedule, on top of Jack becoming more and more interested in everything but nursing and so on and so on. Seriously, if you were ever in the same room as Jack and I when I'm trying to feed him (and you wouldn't be because if he even hears someone else breathing in the same room we might as well forget eating altogether, but theoretically, if you were) you would probably notice his little legs running a marathon, his free hand conducting an orchestra, his other hand tickling my ribs, and his eyes trying to follow a speck of dust around the room - all while he's supposedly taking nourishment. It doesn't work that way kid. Sigh, it's going to be a long next-5-months-or-so-until-we-wean. :( Well anyway, feeding issues aside, can we say "Someone's being uber-clingy this week!" I'm sure it had a little to do with the abundance of audience he's experienced recently, and then poor Jack woke up Monday morning to only me, and a very busy me at that (Jon was in Colorado on business). I had a lot of catching up to do with both work and house stuff, but Jack had other plans, which inluded being in my arms or within touching distance every waking moment of the day. By Day 3 I thought I was going to lose my mind. Do you know how hard it is to get anything done when your entire right side is weighed down by 23 pounds of a weepy, whiny mess? And blanket time? If I even stepped out of eyesight (i.e. stood directly behind him which is too far for him to turn those adorable, chubby little cheeks) the Jackster went into major meltdown mode. Check out what happened when I stepped out into the kitchen to grab my glass of water:
Okay so I know you're probably thinking I'm some heartless mom who just lets her kid sit on the floor and cry all day, but cut me some slack. All week. Of that. And no husband to receive the hand off when he comes home from work. Actually, I just realized that morning how cute Jack's little face is when he's crying and I wanted to make sure it was captured on video so we can show it to his future wife one day and all laugh together. And even more importantly, I want to make sure I maintain a good blogging balance between my-beautiful-son-is-so-wonderful-and-sleeps-through-the-night-I-love-being-a-mommy!!! and someone-please-take-this-child-off-my-hands-I'm-going-to-beat-my-head-against-the-wall. Because, let's be honest, I've experienced both ... and everything in between. But it did get better. My husband did eventually come home and gave me a whole afternoon off, which I accidentally cut an hour short because I mis-calculated naptime. Blast! But it was still good because I ended up getting a great deal on not one, but two swimsuits! Which I desperately needed since the one I wore last year kinda resembles a tent. And now I feel so much better!

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