Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Making the most of it

Lately I've been lamenting the fact that it's gorgeous outside, I live 75 steps from the beach, and I'm stuck in the house with a kid. A year ago I would've been lounging by the sea working on my tan, but we all know life changes when you become a parent. Not that I don't drag Jack along to the shore whenever I get a chance, it's just that it's a lot more work! First I have to get us both in swimsuits, then I have to pack the beach bag, pull together the large-enough-that-sand-isn't-within-his-reach-blanket, umbrella, and beach chair. Lather the 50+++ sunscreen on a squirmy babe. And carry all this out there with an additional 23 pounds on my hip. Then I spend the whole time entertaining a baby, trying to keep sand out of his mouth and the hat on his head. Not that our beach trips last long anyway. It's hard to accomplish much sunbathing when your son requires 3 naps a day.
I'm done griping. It's time I do something about this that works for both us. I've finally figured out a way that Jack can take a swim, in the shade, while I simultaneously get a tan and read a book! The only thing missing is the sand!


MamaMauby said...

Don't worry. It gets easier :).

By the time they are around 1 year and taking only 1 nap a day, life feels closer to "normal". You can tote them out without having to remember the bottles and the mashed up food. And they last 3-4 hours out without getting their routine messed up from missing a good nap.

Tonight, we actually all went out to dinner (at 4:00 but hey it's still nice) and Ocean ate the food from the restaurant and tried to use the chopsticks! It feels like we are finally able to do all those normal things again! :)

Jenn said...

nice solution!

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