Friday, June 26, 2009

Summer Fun

So we are in the middle of 5 weeks of summer guests right now! We love hosting visitors and hanging out with friends and family here at the beach! Since this is our last summer here we're trying to make the most of it. That said, expect shorter posts these next few weeks. Or at least less words and more pictures!
These are from Marmie and Poppa's visit this past week:
This is Jack patiently waiting for Poppa to get off the phone and take him on a walk. Jack got more walks out of Marmie and Poppa this week than he's gotten from me all year!

Marmie's lap makes the best beach chair!
Jack's going to become a water boy whether he likes it or not! In this case, he kinda liked it.
Jack doesn't know how fortunate he is to have the Boogie Boarding Master as his grandfather. He has a rich legacy to carry on. We're starting him young.
This was Jon's first Father's Day. This is the gift Jack got him. I'm not sure who's more surprised - Jon or Jack.And of course what visit from Marmie and Poppa would be complete without new toys involved!? Check out Jack's new Gator. I'll have to get a video when he figures it out what to do with it. The voices and song it plays are too good to keep to ourselves.

And as Jon would say, "we've officially arrived" now that we have a toy box in our house. I'm having a hard time looking past the primary colored box sitting in my neutral/earthy living room but I'm sure I'll get used to it soon!

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