Wednesday, June 17, 2009

When "All Boy" Meets "All Girl"

Last week I watched my friend's daughter so she and the hubster could go out for a romantic evening. Abbie is just the sweetest little girl! She just turned a year recently, so she's a little over 4 months older than Jack. But much more petite and delicate. :) I felt like I was carrying around a feather all evening! Even her mouth is smaller, which I quickly realized after a failed attempt to feed her Jack-sized bites.
It was a fun time, and an interesting taste of what life would be like with two, even though they would never be that close in age. It was cute to see the kiddos entertain each other. At this age they don't really play together, just kind of look at each other, and occasionally brush hands. And Jack kept trying to grab her face. But all in all, he just thought Abbie was the greatest thing Mom's ever brought into the house.
Ever since Jack was born I've been hearing about how he is "all boy." I think that's a funny saying. But definitely true. I used to think all babies were just babies. But after being around some girl babies, it's becoming more and more obvious that there is a difference. I love to see Jack's boyishness come out, even during this age of limited development, and in spite of the fact that I snuggle, kiss, and smother him with mommy-love every chance I get!
Check out my totally smitten son, right after he got up from his nap and realized someone else was playing in his Jumpster. I love his boisterous laugh (that is laughing, even though it almost sounds like a tantrum) followed by frolicking Abbie's "la la la." What a duo!

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