Saturday, August 1, 2009

More Fun in the Yard

Now that our back space is a much more pleasant environment, we've thought up a few more ways to spend more time there. First step, install a swing for Jack. Here's a video of his first time in the swing:

He loves it! I used to love swinging as a kid too, especially that funny little feeling you get in your stomach as you start to drop down again. I think Jack gets that too. You can tell by the way he curls up as he laughs. :) This new addition is also convenient for me. I'll give Jack a few good pushes, then go pull some weeds in the yard, return for a few more pushes, back to pulling weeds, and repeat. I know, sounds like a really good time huh? What can I say, parenthood has changed my life. I now find amusement in the simplest of things.

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