Tuesday, August 18, 2009

And that's not all!!

Our vacation didn't end up with camping. After we packed up the gear and washed the campfire smell out of our clothes we spent a few more days back home hanging out with some of our favorite people, including my brother's fiancee who was in town all the way from Holland!
Jack was very excited to meet his future Aunt Pricilla for the first time. They really hit it off! Then I left Jack behind to spend the day with his grandparents while I went out for a "girls' day." After trying on a bazillion bridesmaid dresses we did a little shopping and had a lovely lunch. Jack and I were apart for the longest amount of time EVER since his conception - almost 9 hours! I don't even think he noticed. He was having too much fun visiting with Marmie and playing outside with Poppa. But he was happy to have me back, just in time to head to Uncle Micah's new digs for a housewarming party. Lucky for Jack, his girl Edie just happens to be Uncle Micah's neighbor. Now if you remember, the last time we were home Edie was playing hard-to-get with Jack. Well someone must have shown her the video of Jack and Abbie because now she really turned up the charm!
"Hey Handsome, goin' my way?"

"Yo girl, check out what I can do. As soon as I figure out how to get around I'll take you out for a date."

"That's nothin'. I'll show you what I learned from my Mommy and Daddy."


All I can say is it's a good thing these two are in a long-distance relationship!
After being passed all around church on Sunday, we took Jack out to one of my favorite Central PA attractions - Knoebels! No summer is complete without at least one trip to this awesome amusement park. In fact, now that I think about it, last summer may have been the first time in MY LIFE that I didn't go to Knoebels. Now that I'm older, and more prone to motion sickness, I look forward to all the delicious food almost as much as the rides. We had frozen lemonade, french fries, alligator bites, nachos, iced coffee, pizza, funnel cakes and banana splits.
Jack, on the other hand, wasn't so easily "amused" at the "amusement park." I was soooo excited to get in line to ride the Phoenix... until the brakes failed on the ride in front of us and they ending up shutting it down the rest of the night. Bummer. I did get one front-seat rollercoaster ride on the Twister though. Jack also had his first amusement park ride experience - on the carousel.
Doesn't he look so grown up in this picture? *sigh* What happened to my widdle baby!?
Anyway, the next day we began our long trek home. It wasn't our best trip with the babe. But it wasn't his fault he was exhausted from 10 days of vacation and getting two new teeth! I spent most of the ride in the backseat, or in the front passenger seat reclined all the way to the back, trying to make a grumpy baby happy. The worst part was when Jack took a smash while we were maneuvering through DC traffic. He wasn't too happy about having to sit in a dirty diaper, and Daddy wasn't too happy about trying to drive to the soundtrack of Jack. Then, about 1 minute before we came upon a rest stop, Jack fell asleep. Instead of waking up the child that we had just spent the past hour trying to get to sleep, we opted to continue with our travels despite the fresh scent rising from the car seat. Nasty.
Needless to say, all involved were very relieved when we pulled into the beach house. We had THE BEST vacation. But are more than happy to be home and back in the groove again.

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