Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Our first casualty ...

... now that we have a crawler on our hands. Poor lamp. Jack knocked it over it snapped in half. Other losses this past week include:
- one decorative ball
- one Richard Nixon page out of our US presidents book
- one branch off Mommy's favorite plant
- one back to Grammie and Grampa's picture frame
Oh well, it's just "stuff" right? :)

While Jack's vocabulary has expanded to "Momomoma," "Dadadada," and "Blablabla" mine has regressed to "No no no!" "No Jack, please don't touch the DVD player." "Jack, you may not pull the CDs out of the cupboard." "No Jack, don't put your finger into the electrical outlet." And so on and so on. He doesn't even seem to notice. In fact, the more I say no the faster he goes. One time I caught him pulling baby wipes out of the diaper bag one by one. I said, "No Jack" from across the room and he started pulling them out faster and faster until I got to him and took them away. Same thing with the CDs. Every day he opens the cupboard and starts pulling them out and every day I try to stop him and he only does it faster. He pretty much spends his free time alternating between the CD cupboard and the bookshelf. With an occasional roll by the laptop cord/electrical outlet and then a stop to pull dirt out of the plant in the corner.
The weird thing is that it's almost like his toys don't even exist anymore. He's much more interested in things he shouldn't have. So we've worked out a compromise. Jack stays away from life-threatening objects and Mommy lets him play with cool stuff like mixing bowls, empty boxes and Swiffer handles. It's amazing how much life can change in a week!!

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Charity said...

Great book Jack. I enjoyed that one myself in grad school! Keep up the good work, I recommend cups next - lots of fun!

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