Friday, August 21, 2009

Happy Engagemeversary!

This week Jon and I celebrated what I like to call our "engagemeversary." It was 4 years ago that I came to visit him here at the beach with his parents and sister's family. Within minutes of pulling into the driveway he whisked me off to the lighthouses for a walk on the beach. I should have thought it was strange that he wanted to go on a walk in the middle of the day, especially when his sister, brother-in-law and new neice had just arrived all the way from Israel. But I didn't. I must not have been thinking clearly.
So it was there, with the sea on our left and the lighthouse on our right, that he pulled a beautiful diamond out of his pocket and asked me to be his wife. I'd love to tell you more but honestly I don't remember. What I do remember is thinking, "I wish I would have taken this chipped nailpolish off my fingers yesterday!" And then I remember going back to the house and telling everyone what they already knew.
So, as this is our last engagemeversary in the same area where the happy event occurred, we thought it called for a celebration. Jon and I went out for an incredible dinner at a woodfire restaurant in town. We both got woodfire steaks with potatoes, along with the delicious New World Chef's table, which is like "worldly" salad bar. Can you tell I'm so ready to dig into this skillet?

So you may be wondering where our son is on this lovely evening. We left him at home of course! Sorry Jack, but you are not part of our engagemeversary. No matter. He was very happy to spend the evenings with two top-notch babysitters that we had shipped down all the way from Pennsylvania - Uncle Jared and his friend, Mr. Dan.

On Jack's end, the evening included dinner, a BATH, and then jammies and bed. I know that Uncle Jared can get overloaded easily and that Mr. Dan comes from a very organized and detailed household, so I wrote out explicit instructions and did a walk-through before we left.

Oh and I also set up the Nanny Cam:

Haha just kidding. This is actually a video text Mr. Dan sent me in the middle of our dinner. Later followed by the message, "Just put him down. He's not even crying... just talkin up there .... to himself. Ha ha." It sounded like things were going well so we decided to order dessert. Creme brulee - my favorite!

When we got back that night, Uncle Jared said it was the "easiest time I've ever had with him." We were almost tempted to go out again another night, but since the guys really hadn't driven all that way just to babysit, we didn't want to push our luck. So there you have it, our THIRD official childless date - SUCCESS!

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