Thursday, August 13, 2009

Family Vacation - Part I

Last week we went on our first family-of-three summer vacation to my favorite place in the WHOLE WORLD - Pennsylvania. :)
Jon's family has gone camping every summer at Rickett's Glen State Park for quite some time now. A few year's ago in 2002, when my in-laws were in the match-making mode, they invited my family to join them. This is the first time since then that Jon and I have been able to make the trip, and we were very excited about our first camping experience as our own little family.

Aside from the two days that it absolutely poured rain (this will be a separate post), we had perfect weather. Cool enough for jeans and sweatshirts, but warm enough to hike, bike, kayak and play games.
We camped out in a tent for 8 nights, and Jack did surprisingly well. He never got up once in the night, and took great naps despite loud neighbors and squirrels. It must have been all the fresh air! He really ended up being a lot easier than I expected. And it certainly helped that there was always a grandparent, aunt, uncle or cousin ready to entertain him as long as his diaper was clean!
I have to say, early mornings aren't so bad when you have such an adorable face to wake up to. And yes, he's licking the pepper. He didn't seem to mind the taste.
Speaking of new tastes, he also tried a lemon, pickle and wild blueberries that Aunt Rachel picked at the campground. (She was feeding him one at a time until he decided to put his whole face in the bowl). Poppa gave Jack his first sample of ice cream when we went into Eaglesmere one day. Once he figured out that you're not supposed to use your hands, he REALLY liked it.
Camping with a baby who is learning to crawl is quite the experience. I'd set up a nice comfy blanket play area for him with his toys, and within 10 seconds he would roll to the edge and start munching on dirt.
Jon is a little less tolerant than I am, this picture was taken the day I went into town and left Daddy and Jack back at the campsite for some "Boy Time."
1 spoon + 1 cup = 20 minutes of free time for Mom!!
Jack had his very first kayaking experience. He is obviously thrilled to be wearing a life vest.
And Jack's mommy and daddy also had a chance to do a little kayaking of their own, although I spent most of the time watching Jon plow down the lake far ahead of me. We took this picture after he finally slowed down enough for me to catch up with him.
So it appears we have a real campin' boy on our hands!
We're already looking forward to coming back to the beautiful Pennsylvania mountains again next year!

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Jenn said...

I'm glad you liked it, because now that means I'm going to be begging you to go with us! We went for my first time this July, and I LOVED it. Let's make is happen!

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