Monday, August 17, 2009

The Falls Trail

The highlight of our vacation, and my favorite part about Rickett's Glen, is the Falls Trail. There are, I think, about 22 waterfalls in the park. On Saturday I went with some of our friends to the lower 4, which are easily accessed from the nearest road. But later that week, our whole group hiked down to the "Waters Meet" and back up the other branch and covered the other 18 falls.

It's a long, steep hike, and half of it is uphill, but sooo worth it. No matter how many times I've seen the waterfalls, they still take my breath away. It's just a really beautiful piece of God's creation.
Nothing compares with standing at the top of a waterfall one minute, looking out across the tree tops,

and then standing at the bottom of the waterfall a few minutes later the mist blowing in your face.
The waterfalls weren't the only amazing scenery on the hike, there were also some incredible trees and rock formations.
Jon carried Jack on his back for the 3+ hour trek. He did really well until about the last 30 minutes at which point I'm sure he was hungry and ready to get some exercise.

He even managed to take a nap despite the din of rushing water and the jolt of riding on Daddy's back during a somewhat treachorous journey.
And just in case the pictures don't do it justice, I also have a video of a few of the falls. I love the part where Jack is on the verge of passing out and can only manage to keep one eye open. He's too cute!

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Jenn said...

and I like how Jon adds to Jack's favorite neck game at the end!

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