Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Daddy's Home

I remember, as a little kid, hearing my Dad’s car pull into the driveway and racing to meet him at the door. I don’t know what it is about Daddy coming home, but for some reason kids find it pretty exciting. Jack is no exception. Although, I have to wonder if maybe it’s my excitement rubbing off on him. I’m pretty glad to see Jon walk through the front door too, because it means back-up for the evening.
Jack is a pretty observant kid. Not much gets past him. If he’s playing in the living room and hear’s the refrigerator door open, he’s crawling into the fridge before you’ve even had a chance to get the milk out. If he hears the toilet flush, you can bet he’ll be leaning against the bathroom door as soon as you open it. And if he even sees you reach for a banana, he starts yelling and kicking for a bite.
So it’s no surprise that Jack has figured out that the rattling of the front door knob probably means his dad is about to walk in the door. It’s quite comical really. He’ll stop whatever he’s doing, mid-yell if necessary, and crawl as fast as his little hands and knees can carry him to wait at the top of the steps for Daddy.
I happened to catch one such instance on video. Now, you have to realize, I had just got off a phone call for work. While I was busy explaining Praxis II requirements to a prospective student, Jack was busy pushing buttons and planting fingerprints on my laptop (which I had just cleaned). He knows better, because I inform him at least 20 times a day, “Don’t touch the laptop.” Of course, in the middle of a phone call, my hands are tied. I can see Jack getting into trouble but he’s pretty good at ignoring any hand signals coming from Mommy. So, as soon as I hung up, Jack received a serious reprimand. He was just a tad upset. When the video starts he’s crying and pounding on my leg. He suddenly stops crying when he hears the door knob rattle. Of course, Daddy was being difficult this day and decided to go check the mail box after he started to open the door. Such a tease. That’s why the anticipation was even greater this time around.



Jared said...
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Jared said...

Didn't the pastors have a sermon about preparing for your husband's return, specifically dressing up? Nice sweatpants.

J9 said...

I was waiting for that. My regular pants don't fit! Way to make fun of a pregnant woman Jared.

Elaine said...

Jared you have a lot to learn. haha Plus your husband thinks you look good no matter what you're wearing.

Jenn said...

this is the cutest video yet!

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