Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Party Animals

On Sunday we had a birthday party for Jack with our family and friends in Pennsylvania. This is my first, of many, birthday parties as a mom. Well, not too many. Jon and I decided, after loading all the new toys in the back of the car, that Jack doesn't need another birthday party for a looonnng time. But hey, it's the big 0-1 and we wanted to celebrate ... farm style!

My "party planner" friend Megan made the invitations and food placecards.

My in-laws not only graciously opened up their home to our numerous party guests, and allowed Jack to throw green-iced cake all over their carpet, but also had all the farmy decorations set up and ready to go before we even arrived on the scene.

And my mom helped me out with the food, made a phenomenal barn and tractor cake, and being the great bargain shopper that she is, found Jack's cowboy outfit (along with 4 or 5 other bags of clothes) at a yard sale the other weekend!

I think our little cowboy was slightly stunned by all the attention he was getting. It took him a while to catch on to the whole "cake thing." He spent a few minutes poking the side with one finger and then shaking the icing off his hand. Eventually he tore a wheel off, grabbed the side and then crumbled the entire tractor. I'm not really sure if he ate any cake though. :)

After cake there was a hay ride for the kids, "Nonnie style." She needed some helping getting up the hill with her tow, and I got a little nervous when I saw her sailing back down the hill. But the kiddos had a great time and returned unscathed ... except poor Edie who threw up just a little.

It was the perfect day for a party and we had a great time with some of our favorite people!

In the end, our weary, little cowboy rode off into the sunset ... er, to bed, to rest up before our long drive back to Virginia.

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