Sunday, October 4, 2009

An Actual Conversation

Me: ... okay, let's make a bet.
Him: Alright, what are we betting?
Me: If I win, I get an entire Saturday off this month.
Him: What's that mean? The whole day off?
Me: Yes, you change all the diapers. Put him down and get him up from his naps. Feed him all his meals and give him a bath.
Him: I do everything?
Me: Yeah
Him: Well, what if I win?
Me: Then I'll give you the day off.
Him: But I always have the day off.

In the end, regardless of how this bet turns out, I'm pretty sure I won something, albeit just a little more awareness.


Anonymous said...

what was the bet??!!

J9 said...

Whether or not Old Navy sells Men's half-zip sweaters. Quite silly really. And they do, but not to his standards. This bet may never be properly settled...

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