Thursday, October 1, 2009

Thoughts on fall from an overthinker/planner

Hooray, Jack's birthday month is here! We are finally experiencing the kind of autumnal weather I've been hoping for. I love this time of year, and all that it brings - chilly mornings with a cup of hot tea, falling leaves sweeping over the roadway (okay not so much around here but I can imagine), cinnamon and spice aroma in the kitchen, and hooded sweatshirts when we go out on beach walks in the evening. *big sigh*

So at 3:30 this morning I woke up to go to the bathroom, something that has been happening much more in this pregnancy than in the last I might add, and then I couldn't get back to sleep. I laid in bed thinking about all the wonderful aspects of Fall, and how lucky Jack is to have such a great birthday month. I used to think that my birthday, June 21, was pretty near the best day to be born. But then I realized, sure it's great for me, to get to celebrate and open presents halfway through the year, but I wonder how my mom felt about having a baby in the middle of the summer. Personally, I think Fall is THE BEST time to have a baby, and apparently others agree. Did you know October 5 is the most popular birthdate? So in the wee hours of the morning I came up with my list of reasons why Fall is the best season for baby birthing:

1.) If you can stand being pregnant in the heat of the summer, the maternity clothes are super cute.
2.) You can get all that sleep training accomplished when it's too cold and miserable to leave the house anyway.
3.) You're nursing right through the thick of the holidays, and can therefore consumer your extra 1000 or so calories without any guilt.
4.) You get to bring the most popular gift to Christmas get-togethers.
5.) You can walk/exercise/play outside for the brunt of your pregnancy.
6.) The weather begins to warm up just about the same time as baby starts getting more active and adventurous.
7.) Five years down the road, your child will be one of the older kids in his/her class.

Then I got to thinkin' about poor #2, who's due in the Spring. I tried to come up with good reasons to be born in April (which just so happens to be the month with the least popular birthdate) but only got as far as thinking about nursing in the hot and humid summer and not being able to fit into a swimsuit until it's too late. By then I was getting depressed, so I gave up. So, anyone with a Spring baby have some good news? Anyone?

You may be wondering why we didn't choose to have #2 in the Fall. Well that was the original plan, or rather, my plan. But since we're moving in June/July and Jon starts a new grad school in August, and he wasn't too thrilled about having a new baby in the middle of his 1 year intensive Master's degree, and I wasn't too thrilled about having a new baby with no hubby to help out, and then we'll be moving again the following June to who-knows-where ... we didn't have much to work with. So April it is, and as I informed Jon on our walk last night, #3 will surely be born in the Fall. I'm thinking September-ish 2012. Is it too early to be thinking about such things?


Jennifer said...

April is a wonderful month to have a birthday :-)

Mauby said...

Ocean was born in the spring (Very End of March) and I thought it was a great time because:

1. It is on the cusp of new life.

2. Summers are kind of lazy and easy going, so being tired with a newborn isn't as big a deal as during all the holiday rush.

3. Spring Break/recess/vacation.

4. Apparently there aren't a lot of people to arrange parties around or lose out on gifts because there are just too many birthdays, since you said not many people are born in April.

5. Easter Candy and egg hunts, it's like everyone is having parties for you!

6. You can go for lots of walks so losing the weight won't be that bad. The heat helps sweat it off too!

7. Interactivity for Christmas is possible sooner because the baby will be able to take it all in at both his/her 1st Christmas.

8. Oh! Being pregnant in the winter means you can get away with lots more sweats, fuzzy clothes, and baggy sweaters during the cold months!

9. Less ankle swelling from heat in those last months.

10. People will come visit in the summer and help out more because you have a newborn.

11. Jack won't feel like baby #2's birthday is too close to his.

Do you need more or is that helpful?


P.S. I still think end of June birthdays are the BEST!

J9 said...

Jenn, you should ask your mom how SHE felt about having a baby in April. Your opinion can't count. :)

Mauby, how did you come up with such a big list so fast? And without being kept up in the wee hours of the morning? Definitely makes me feel a little better though. :)

Antonio & Tambre said...

What I have loved about a Spring baby...Amyah was born in May:
1)more options for birthday parties...they can be inside or out,
2) winter pregnancy is AWESOME b/c no heat and baggy, warm winter clothes rock,
3) if your child is smart, he/she will be the youngest, smartest child in his/her class :o),
4) research shows that children born in the spring/summer months live longer and have less medical issues than winter babies. :o)

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