Monday, October 12, 2009

Birthday Suit

My son has the cutest, chunkiest, little thighs. I just love to gnaw on them! But the other day I realized, that not many of YOU get to see those adorable little ham shanks. Unfortunately, YOU don't have the honor of changing Jack's diapers or clothes several times a day. A few days ago, Jack managed to sneak into the pantry, root through the cleaning bucket, and dump floor cleaner all over the carpet and his pants (this is probably very dangerous but don't worry, he came out unscathed). So I threw off his pants and let him run around in only a shirt and diaper the rest of the day. I also realized that I never have pictures of Jack's chunkiness, because I never let the kid run around "nudey" as we say in our house. Or even in just a diaper. I think this is because my mom bought us so many clothes that we never run out, even if I'm incredible behind on laundry. Plus it makes me feel better knowing my child is "put together."
Anyway, ALL THAT to say, I was suddenly inspired to snap a few shots of my son is his Birthday Suit, in honor of the big day - TODAY!

Actually, I think he's thinned out a bit. Look at that skinny, little waist hidden under that big belly!

But he's still got his Popeye muscles!

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