Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Christmas Photo Shoot

Anyone with kids knows how pleasant a Christmas card photo shoot can end up being. We only have one right now, and that's tough enough. It's a good thing I've got my boys matching sweaters for next year, because with two under two those sweaters may be the only things that both look good for the picture.
This is the second year we've asked my brother to take our family photos. He's got a good eye, and a great camera. And we get the "family discount". ;) You would think that with all that time over Thanksgiving we'd be able to plan a proper photo shoot, but no. For the second year in a row Jack was cranky, Mommy's hair was a mess, and Daddy was in a hurry. Here's is the progression of our family photo:

This is one of the first photos we took. Jack is downright gleeful ... but we were still working out the lighting.

More lighting difficulties, and Jack would prefer to look at anything but the camera.

We lost the smile when we moved him away from the tree.

Jack's done with picture-taking, and we've barely even started.
We decide to change settings. And Jack decides he's ready for a nap.
Still acting tired and cuddly, and not smiling, but this ended up being our card for 2009. I just love his eyes in it!
More on-camera crankiness. I'm clearly overcompensating for the both of us.
Jack trying to escape from the camera.
Back inside, where Poppa manages to get Jack to smile, but not while looking at the camera.
And then Jack looks super-cute when Mommy and Daddy are cut out of the picture.

So at least we were able to find one shot out of the gazillions Uncle Micah took. I wonder how many shots it will take next year? :)
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