Monday, December 14, 2009


I was reading my husband's WORLD magazine then other day when I came across a blurb stating that Disney is offering refunds on Baby Einstein DVDs sold from 2004-2009 because it has been discovered that, *gasp* they actually do not make your child smarter. WHAT?!? Really? They don't? Bummer.

I jest. I really didn't think they were going to make Jack smarter. But I do wonder just how many people will take advantage of this opportunity and return their DVDs. We only own a few that I picked up at the thrift store, but they are some of Jack's favorite videos. And very helpful if I need 20 minutes of "quiet time." Then again, there was the time when Jack cranked up the volume to 40-something (we usually keep it between 4-8) when "Old MacDonald" was playing during the movie ... while I was on the phone with a student!! He's learned how to turn the volume up but hasn't managed to figure out how to turn it down yet. So I had to run down to the garage to finish my phone call. So much for "quiet time."

Anyway, to continue my original thought. I never expected these movies to make my baby smarter, but I do value them for what they are - simple, occasional entertainment for the littlest consumer. And, pretty much the only thing on TV he'll watch for longer than 5 minutes. I can't imagine a trip to PA without them!


Mauby said...

Omigosh! I've been thinking this exact thing for weeks! :D

Ever since I heard about the refunds. Who thinks that TV would make their kid smarter? It doesn't make any adults smarter, right? haha. What happened to the days when people understood that TV is an entertainment device?

I too am thankful for the 20-30 minutes of peace it gives me. And I don't feel too guilty letting Ocean watch those videos. They don't really have words and there is no violence.

J9 said...

Exactly! They're the only videos Jack will pay any attention to!

Jared said...

You ran down into the garage leaving your son listening to the TV at an elevated level?

Micah said...

well then we might be returning Jack's Christmas present...LOL

Jared....i was thinking the same thing...ha ha ha

J9 said...

This was back when he didn't know how to get down the stairs. He is perfectly safe up there by himself for 2 minutes. Plus Jon was home and I gave him crazy hand signals so he knew to get upstairs.

And no, don't return the gift. According to both of Jack's grandmas he's already super smart, we like Baby Einstein for other reasons!!

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