Sunday, December 20, 2009

Second Pregnancy Syndrome

I think I'm suffering from second pregnancy syndrome. You're probably thinking, "Hmm, I've never heard of that." Well, I just made it up. And I haven't had a chance to Google it to find out if it's real yet. Google. Apparently that's how I define reality. Sad. Anyway, what I mean is that I was so in to my pregnancy with Jack, which was my first and only pregnancy, that I tend to hold that experience as THE definition of pregnancy. I'm slowly realizing that all pregnancies, and babies, are different. And, more importantly, that the baby in my belly is not Jack, it's somebody completely different. It sounds so simple, but honestly it feels weird to me to think that I'm carrying another, new baby. Kind of like when you go back to your parents house for Christmas, and your bedroom isn't your bedroom anymore. Well Jack's womb is not Jack's womb anymore. Haha, bad example.

Anyway, I really want to make sure I'm being fair to #2. I want him to have his own pregnancy, his own special experiences, his own time with Mommy. So this post is dedicated entirely to him, now that I'm done mentioning Jack. :) I can't help it, I just love that kid! And he has the advantage of giving me kisses, #2 can only kick me in the gut at this point.

Speaking of kicking, the next Baby J is quite active, which I've mentioned before. He seems to move a lot, especially late at night. Which I love. I think he realizes that at the end of the day he finally gets Mommy's full attention. He's probably got lots of extra space in there since his nearly 9 lb. brother was the last to occupy that area. We call him by his name now (just first since the middle is still up in the air) but I have to keep checking myself on the blog. I promise to make a formal announcement after our next ultrasound, just to make sure he's really a "he."

I'm happy to say nauseousness and headaches are behind us! But not without one last hurrah, at 19 weeks, in which I threw up in the car, while driving. Fortunately I just so happened to have a plastic bag with me. Throughout this pregnancy I've tried really hard to not get sick in front of Jack. I mean, if I was 14 months I think I'd be a little freaked out if I saw my mom throwing up. Then again if you're Jack you'd probably start trying to figure out how you could do the same thing. Well, in this case, with Jack in the backseat, it was a little tough. He just stared at me. Thankfully, it hasn't happened since. And I've got all my energy back, just in time for the busy season at work and getting ready for Christmas.

#2 can hear now. Which also makes me feel bad. I'm pretty sure he's going to think his older brother's name is "No-Jack-no." His first word may end up being "don't touch" since he hears it about 20 times a day.

Other than the sweater and one pack of diapers, #2 isn't going to be benefiting from Mom's pregnancy induced shopping sprees, although I have made him a few things (separate post). #2's not getting a cute, nautical themed nursery either. In fact, he'll be stuck in Mommy and Daddy's room for at least the first 6-8 weeks until we move. (Jon's not too thrilled about that).

It's funny, at first I was worried that Jack would get less attention when the baby arrived, but I'm beginning to be afraid that, with a big brother with as much personality and energy as Jack, the baby is the one that's going to feel neglected.

Like I said, I'm slowly starting to realize what I have coming to me in 4 months. But it's going to be fun too. The more Jack's personality shines through, the more I wonder what the next baby is going to be like (Jon's hoping for a quiet, artistic, guitar player; Poppy is hoping to watch two grandson's play football at the Coast Guard Academy in 2028; and I'm just hoping for two boys that get along with each other and are best of friends). Since Jack is my "spirited" baby I'm secretly hoping this one is going to be a "textbook." At the very least, I can't have two "spiriteds" in a row, can I?? I can't wait to see if this baby has big cheeks like Jack, or if he ends up being a tiny, little guy. Is he going to love exploring every inch of the house or will he be content to sit on Mommy's lap and read a story... the whole story. Will he slide down the stairs with his hands in the air like his big brother, or will he cautiously crawl down one hand and knee at a time? Will he be a sleeper? (yes, please) A big eater? Is he going to always be wearing a size bigger than his age?

I have a lot of questions to be answered over the next year or so. But I'm glad #2 is on his way. I'm glad that I'm broadening my pregnancy and baby horizons. And as much as I love Jack, I'm glad that I'm going to have a another little man to love just as much. Sure it'll be twice the work, but when I think about the smiles, giggles, and big, sloppy kisses ... I'll be getting twice as much of that too. So I'll keep praying. Praying for Jack because, as much as I try to tell him about the baby in Mommy's belly, he's really in for a big surprise this April. Praying for new baby, who's busy carving out his own little niche in this family. And praying for me, I'm going to have my hands full!

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