Sunday, December 6, 2009

Jack's on the move

I realized that I left you all hanging a few weeks back when I announced that Jack has started walking. Well he's continued walking, and seems to really have the hang of it now. It's too stinkin' cute. Sorry it's taken me so long to get a video posted!

So I was thinking the other day about all the warnings I've received in the past few months. It seemed like everyone I talked to felt obligated to tell me how much more difficult things get once your baby starts walking. I got a little worried. Motherhood had gotten challenging enough when Jack started crawling, probably because this occured right around the same time he learned to exercise his will. I thought and thought and thought about what life would be like with Jack walking, and couldn't picture how it would be any more difficult than the present. And so I'd like to say, for once, that I think I was right. Maybe it's because Jack started crawling right around the time some kids start walking, or maybe it's because Jack-the-crawler was already way too active and adventurous for his own good, but this whole walking thing has been easy-peasy.

The only added challenge, that I can see, is that he spends much more time upright now than he used to. And he's learned to expand his circle of influence by reaching up. In other words, just this week Jack has learned that he's capable of pulling objects off the kitchen table.

Other than that, I am very entertained by his two-footed adventures. Especially when his center of gravity is off, and he gets stuck running around in a circle. Or when he gets going too fast and can only stop by running into something or someone. Or the fact that he hasn't quite figured out that he doesn't need to keep his hands in the air the whole time he's walking. Alas, he's certainly no Brian Boitano, in fact, he consistently falls when making the transition from carpet to kitchen floor, or from carpet to living room rug. Every. Time. You'd think he'd figure it out by now. But it doesn't seem to deter him. So far there's been no serious injuries, he's one tough cookie. I hope Nonnie is prepared for Jack's arrival in a few weeks. So far he's the only grandson that hasn't broken anything at her house. Granted, he's only been around for a year, and he doesn't get to spend as much time there as some of the other cousins, but I'd prefer to hold on to that record a just little longer.

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