Friday, February 6, 2009

Camera Shy

I'm dead serious - Jack is a fun, smiling, giggling, chattering little boy. But you wouldn't know it from pictures and videos. For some reason, he always gets the same what-on-earth-are-you-doing-mom look when I get the camera out. For instance, it's been 5 weeks since Jack has seen his Marmie and Poppa, so we pull out the web-cam for a little chat time. Jack just sat there, drooling. It was a fairly uneventful conversation. Afterwards, I changed his diaper and smiling, squealing Jack was back again. Not fair. Usually it goes like this: - Jack acts like a ham - Mom pulls out the camera - Jack suddenly is tired and bored Here are a few of my failed attempts to catch my cheery chunker...



1 comment:

Jenn said...

well it's nice to hear your voice, if not his!

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