Saturday, February 14, 2009

Jack Scratch Fever

Since the moment he arrived in this world Jack has had a formidable set of claws. And ever since then, try as I may, I just can't seem to get them under control. You may have noticed the long scratch on his face in some of his hospital pictures. :( This was just the beginning of a sleepy-time habit which often leaves Jack with a new mark on his face every few days. And Jack's not the only one suffering from these ghastly gashes. He also has a thing for scratching my neck when I'm holding him, or using his talons to tickle my armpits when he's eating. If you ever noticed my propensity for turtlenecks ... now you know why.
Early on we tried those cute little baby mittens, but despite my son's somewhat large hands, they would never stay on. Occasionally I'll file his nails, but a.) it's a lot of work and b.) the effects don't last long. Some friends suggested biting his nails, but since I've never been a nail biter myself I wouldn't know where to start. Which leaves us with the most effective, yet most difficult option - nail trimmers!!
Trimming Jack's nails is a two-person ordeal. One to hold him still, the other to perform the act. Even that doesn't work out so well. Last week Jon was keeping the child contained while I was clipping nails. They're so small it's hard to see what you're doing. I must've misjudged and accidentally clipped a finger. Despite all the blood Jack remained unphased. Jon and I were definitely more panicked than the babe. I'm sure he was wondering what the red stuff was on his finger, and why mommy and daddy kept trying to make it stop.
I'm happy to report that we were able to avoid a trip to the Emergency Room and that Jack appears completely normal despite this horrific experience. I, on the other hand, may never want to pick up nail clippers again.

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Charity said...

clipping while he is sleeping. Worked with my lil' bro anyways. :) Never woke him up either!

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