Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Things we'll still talk about 30 years from now...

It's been 4 months since Jack-Jack arrived. It seems like such a short amount of time for our teeny baby to turn into a little boy. I never used to understand when mothers would always talk about how big their babies were, or how fast they grow (um, yeah it's what they do). But now I get it. It's so exciting to watch your child grow and develop, and a little sad to see them become new little beings before your very eyes. Sometimes you just want them to stay babies forever! Those early days are so special. My boy doesn't even same like the same baby we brought home in October, I'm so afraid I'm going to forget those sweet little things that make Jack our's. So I've been keeping a list ...

I hope I never forget:

- the way it felt when I held you for the first time. I could replay that moment in my head 12 times a day and it still wouldn't get old

- your dad's first diaper change, so eventful!!

- how sometimes your laugh is so spontaneous, it catches even you by surprise

- how hard your dad and I used to try to get you to look right at us, but when we'd finally catch your eye it just melted our hearts

- the way you try to suck on both your fists, at the same time, and so loudly we can hear you all over the house

- the way you lay your head on my shoulder, I hope you stay this cuddly for a long, long time

- how you love your bath but never want to put your hands in the water

- how wide your eyes get when you see something new or when I walk too fast

- how when you laugh, your whole body laughs with you, from the crinkly corners of your eyes to your wriggly toes

- how you insist that I stand while holding you, and how hard you can kick when I try to sit

- your morning wake-up routine - a big stretch of the arms and legs while arching your back, coupled with a few grunts and a protruding bottom lip. When I pick you up you immediately curl up into a little ball on my shoulder.

- how your eyes are the easiest way to tell when you're tired, just like your mom

- how your lower lip forms a bona-fide frown seconds before you burst out into a good cry

- the way you always look up and to the left when you smile - you know you're being cute!

- the way your arm ends with fingers. Wrist? What wrist?

- the way you gnaw on my shoulder as you peer out at the world

- how you head-bang me at least once a day because you're constantly turning back and forth, it never seems to hurt you as much as it hurts me

- those cheeks!!

- the "who, whoo" sound you make, like a little owl

- the way you pound on my chest while you're eating

- the sweet smell of your breath, it won't last forever!

- the way you hold my finger when I'm carrying you on my arm

- the way you double over and throw your arms up in the air whenever I walk down the stairs, I think you're going to love rollercoasters!

- that bicycle kick thing you do whenever I'm trying to change your diaper

- how you insist on using both hands when I'm feeding you, and you can't understand why this doesn't always work to your advantage

- the way you can cry, laugh, and cry again all within 30 seconds

- when you try to hide your face in my neck. You're getting so big, I hate to think this won't last forever!

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