Thursday, February 5, 2009

Jack's Jams

You can tell Jon's and my different parenting styles by listening in to our Jack moments. Yes, we BOTH sing to Jack ... independently. Although occasionally we may join in for a duet.

When I'm with Jack I usually sing classic baby songs or the good oldies:
"Baby Mine" when I'm trying to put him to sleep
"Goodnight Sweetheart" when we're getting ready for bed
"Have I Told You Lately" when he's extra fussy and won't calm down
"Ooom Ahhh Went the Little Green Frog" complete with motions for diaper change time, mostly because I love to hear his ecstatic laughter
"Splish Splash" during bath time
And I usually put a Hillsong United CD in when he's in his Jumpster so he has something to rock-out to.

Jon usually works to the tune of:
"He's a Maniac" during play time
"Wild Thing" when he's changing his diaper
"Highway to the Danger Zone" this could occur at any point during the day
"The Boys are Back in Town" when I have to run errands and I leave the two of them home alone
And another song about Jack Attack that I don't recognize. Actually, a lot of Jon's songs I don't recognize. We obviously didn't listen to the same music growing up.
At least we can say we're raising a well-rounded child!

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