Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Mug Shot

Last weekend the three of us went to get passport photos. Jack is so much more cultured than I was at his age. I got my first passport right before my first plane ride - at age 21 when I spent a semester studying in England. As a sidenote, you can read about my experiences at Anyway, back to the present.
I warned Jack that he wasn't allowed to smile, so instead he gave us the same blank stare/gaping mouth look in all 4 shots. Jon picked out his outfit on this particular day (although I later switched out the pants because they didn't really match). Which is why he is wearing his "Defense Intelligence Agency" onesie. Really? Is that an appropriate shirt to wear for an international travel photo? I'm afraid the customs officials are going to interrogate my son when they see he's got some valuable connections.
Personally, I think passports for babies are a little silly. I'm pretty sure my son will not resemble this picture in a year or two ... or five. Not to mention that the height listed on his passport will probably double before it expires. My favorite question on the form was "occupation." I couldn't fit eat/sleep/laugh/poop in the space, so I hope the officials will be okay with "infant." That pretty much explains it all don't you think?

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